Vincent "Vince" Callaghan is the partner of Mercedes Christie and the father of Connor Christie. Although they had separated by early 2016, they got back together in the following months in an attempt to do what was best for Connor and themselves.


In March 2016, Vince was called into the ED after Mercedes was admitted from having drug induced fits. Their son Connor was also there, so Vince was able to look after him. Zoe told Vince that what Mercedes needed was support, not him judging her.

In late April, Vince and Connor accompanied Mercedes to the ED after she had been beaten up by Shelle. Whilst in the ED, Shelle convinced Connor, who had been left in the car, to go back to her house. When Max caught on when seeing he was gone, him and Vince drove off to Shelle's house to get him. However, Shelle's bodyguard soon chased Vince off. Max eventually managed to rescue Connor with the help of Zoe, and Vince watched from a distance, relieved and scared. Whilst in the ED, Mercedes also found out that she was pregnant although Vince wasn't there to hear the news.

Behind the scenes

Andrew Knott portrayed Vince Callaghan for four episodes of Casualty in 2016.

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