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"Waterwings" is the 181st episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 11th series.


Jim, a worker at a sports centre, accidentally spills some chemicals into water. The manager, Kay, tells him he may be made redundant. Delivery man Pete is left stacking chlorine on his own and spills some in the water, creating a toxic reaction. The fumes kill Pete and spread into a pool where a class of paraplegics have to be evacuated. A group of medical students observe the treatment. Richard suffers blurred vision while putting stitches in Kay, who hit her head in the chaos, but dismisses it as a headache. Kay works out a way to keep Jim on but he is wracked with guilt on learning of Pete's death. Josh and Liz are called out when a tramp, Harry, collapses in the street but a drug addict, Kev, tries to get drugs from the ambulance before being run over by a police car. Harry dies in hospital and Kev's brother Danny disowns him. Richard helps an asthma sufferer, Vicky, deal with her over-protective husband Warren. Gloria's landlord, with whom she had a brief fling, dumps her bags at the hospital and tells her she's evicted.

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