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"We Shall Overcome" is the 169th episode of Casualty and the 17th episode of the 10th series.


A man named Derek, who has been repairing cars outside his house, is served an injunction by his neighbours telling him to stop his work. He briefly holds them at gunpoint before falling onto a toolbox and impaling himself. One of the neighbours, a junior surgeon on Reeve-Jones' staff, overrules John and Liz and gives instructions which nearly cost Derek's life; Mike clashes with Reeve-Jones again. Another neighbour, who was a reluctant figurehead for the injunction, decides to support Derek on learning he has been struggling since his garage went bankrupt. Reeve-Jones is already under fire because of revelations that the Trust is financially involved with an arms firm run by his brother; a protest is being held outside the hospital. Matt tells Jude the truth about the thefts while Baz tells Peter she's leaving him. An elderly couple are visited by their daughter and grandson; the daughter is bitter that her mother was always pursuing charitable causes instead of giving her attention when she was a child, and blames her when her son takes her anti-depression pills. He recovers in hospital but a reconciliation is prevented by the mother instead joining the protest outside.

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