Wesley Royce (1976/1977 - 11 July 2012)[1] was a male resident of Holby. Following his escape from prison in 2012, he was stunned by a police officer which was the primary cause for the Holby riots.

On 11 July 2012, Wesley was released from prison, having been incarcerated for a while. He returned home to find that his girlfriend, Faith Portman was still dealing drugs which caused a loud argument to start. When Wesley punched through a glass door in rage, a neighbour called the police for a domestic disturbance. In anger shortly after, Faith used a knife block to hit Wesley over the head, and he picked up a kitchen knife in self defence in case he needed it. However, when the police arrived with stun guns one of the officers saw the knife-wielding Wesley as a threat, and stunned him.

After being admitted to the ED, he suffered serious complications which left the ED staff confused as they were unaware of his injury sustained by the blow to head by the knife block. Because of this, he later died in the ED but his partner Faith was intent on getting the word out that it was the police who were responsible for his death.

Three days later at a memorial service, things quickly got out of hand sparking a riot, and Faith was the figurehead behind it. When things eventually died down, Faith was arrested for Wesley's death as it was the knife block injury to the head which ultimately lead to his death.

Behind the scenes

Despite the character's primary role in the series 26 finale, Marcus Onilude portrayed Wesley for only one episode of Casualty. However he did appear in in photos on a news report in another episode following his death.


  1. In "#HolbyRiot - Part 1", it's announced on a news report that Wesley was 35, making his date of birth either 1976 or 1977. Posters for the protest were dated 14 July, and his death was said to have occurred three days ago, making his death and the events of "Do the Right Thing" take place on 11 July.
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