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"What You See is What You Get" is the 549th episode of Casualty and the seventh episode of series 21. It was directed by Sharon Miller and written by Rachel Flowerday.


Strategic health authority representatives Max Brennan and Dan Gooden visit the emergency department following the news of the downsizing plan and decide to stay and see how the department typically operates. Nathan and Tess are determined to impress them, but their efforts are hampered by technical issues, patients frequently disappearing and Max finding a patient beaten in the toilets. As the two leave the department with a negative impression, the building's sprinkler system is activated when a bin catches fire after Kelsey carelessly discards a burning cigarette.

A farmer named Joe grows increasingly frustrated upon discovering that another chicken of his has been killed by a fox and is later devastated when his dog Bonnie dies of natural causes. Joe sees the fox and shoots at it, but he accidentally hits a trespasser named Mickie. Joe drives Mickie to the hospital but panicks when he overhears Mickie's sister Susie discussing suing him. However, Mickie makes up her own mind and decides not to sue Joe.

Andy Maizels is brought into the department with a hand injury after claiming to have slipped on a ladder while installing security lights to warn off a frequent loiterer. Lucy, Andy's girlfriend, encounters a stranger named Robin on the street and panicks when he calls her by her name, but he ends up injuring his hand while narrowly avoiding getting hit by a car. At the ED, Robin wants Andy to be honest about his sexuality and their relationship, but Andy punches and knocks him out after Robin admits to approaching Lucy. However, Lucy finds Andy and Robin together in resus, prompting Robin to tell her the truth.

Comfort dresses up in preparation for lunch with Sean, but Sean has decided to take her out for a picnic in the country. Despite her issues with the rough terrain, Comfort enjoys her meal with Sean until she is reminded of Fin. Sean apologises to Comfort for ruining her day, but Comfort tells him that she has "[changed] her mind" and kisses him.


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