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"When All Else Fails" is the 162nd episode of Casualty and the 10th episode of the 10th series.


A jockey tells his parent he is moving out, then learns his girlfriend is pregnant. He takes laxatives to lose weight before a race but is killed when he falls from his horse. Kate advises his girlfriend to go to his parents for support but they refuse to accept the baby is his. An elderly woman is about to bury her husband and tells her son she intends to give the life insurance to his sister to set up her business. She then suffers a stroke and her son asks the staff not to treat her, since their father ended up as a vegetable, but her daughter tells Baz and Ash to put her on a ventilator. She later changes her mind but Baz says turning off the ventilator would be actively killing her and refuses. A pair of travellers bring in the woman's daughter, who has an injured ankle; Daniel misdiagnoses her and Charlie and Rachel have to reset it. Her mother has terminal cancer and admits she had the girl as a surrogate for her sister then ran off with her. Her partner, who walked out on his own family, agrees to help find her family and look after the girl. Matt is surprised when Brian not only returns his money but gives extra for his birthday. Ash is uncomfortable about Laura's plans for a charity ball. Charlie rejects overtures from Baz and leaves with Zoe Ross.

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