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"Who Cares?" is the 903rd episode of Casualty and the 36th episode of the 28th series. It was preceded by "Carrot Not Stick" and followed by "Games for Boys". This episode was directed by Ashley Way and written by Sally Tatchell.


An adult reading lesson ends in disaster when a woman grows jealous of her tutor's girlfriend and inadvertently causes her to end up in hospital suffering from an asthma attack. But that proves to be just the start of the trio's problems. An elderly woman and her two grandchildren make plans to have the best day ever, but things start to go downhill when the granny feels pains in her chest and one of the kids tumbles off a climbing frame. Dixie faces her disciplinary meeting, having moved a patient without permission, Connie raises concerns about Zoe's methods and Fletch's moonlighting as a taxi driver catches up with him.

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