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Xander Hayes is a gay man who lives in Holby. In June 2020, he met Lev Malinovsky through the Villager dating app, and the two began having an affair.


In June 2020, Lev began talking to Xander on Villager — a dating app for gay men. (CAS: Episode 1175) On 20 June, after learning that his son Luka's cancer was terminal, a heartbroken Lev arranged to meet Xander under a flyover and confided in him, but he told Xander that Luka was only a patient of his. Although Lev was hesitant to kiss Xander, he led him into the latter's car, and the two proceeded to have sex. Later, after Lev deleted Villager from his phone, Xander visited him at the ambulance station to return his wallet and expressed his disappointment at Lev only wanting "meaningless sex", but Lev rebuked him and kissed him passionately. However, Xander pushed him away and urged to "decide who [he was]". (CAS: Episode 1177)

Behind the scenes

Danny Szam portrayed Xander in Casualty since August 2020.