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Yvonne Rippon (died 19 January 2013) was a police officer and superintendent of police in Holby. For the first part of 2012, she frequently visited the ED and worked closely with Nick Jordan and the rest of the staff regarding incidents involving the police. In July 2012, she was stabbed when mistaken for a rioter during the Holby riots, and ultimately died in January 2013 following complications due to a spinal injury she sustained.


Yvonne was strict to her workers and colleagues but also made it her top priority when one of them was in danger. This occurred when the identity of the police officer who tasered Wesley Royce was revealed, therefore directing the rioters towards the police station. Before the riots, she was caring and had a good sense of humour but when things needed to be sorted out, she would make that her first task.

Before the riots, she began a relationship with Nick Jordan after meeting in various situations involving the police and the ED.

During the riots, she was stabbed by a panicking shopkeeper who mistook her for a rioter. After being stabbed, she fell backwards down a flight of stairs and sustained a spinal injury in addition to the stab wound. Nick fought to save her life with Dixie in the ambulance on the way to the ED. He left his job in order to accompany her to a specialist spinal unit.

She died on 19 January 2013 due to complications from her injuries the summer before. Nick had been caring for her until January 2013, after she was rushed to a Spine Injury Hospital in July 2012. Her funeral was held the following week on 26 January 2013. The shopkeeper she was stabbed by eventually confessed to the murder after Yvonne's death, contradicting earlier accusations by others (including Nick Jordan) that it was Nylon, Wesley Royce's step-son.

Behind the scenes

Rachel Shelley portrayed Yvonne Rippon for 12 episodes of Casualty from January 2012 to January 2013.


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Yvonne made her first appearance in Casualty in the series 26 episode "Death and Doughnuts", and her final appearance just over a year later in the series 27 episode "No Other Medicine".