Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson is an attending neurosurgeon and a professor of neurosurgery at the United States Neurosurgical Academy.[1] She is an old tutor of Dylan Keogh.


In early 2017, Dylan contacted Zsa Zsa to discuss operating on Glen Thomas who wanted to extend his life to be able to see his daughter. Zsa Zsa sympathised with his plight and flew to the UK to operate on him for free. She talked him and Dylan through the procedure, but she warned Glen that there was a 50% chance of the operation causing catastrophic brain damage. After a coin toss, Glen agreed to the procedure. (CAS: Episode 1061)

In April, Zsa Zsa operated on Glen. Unfortunately, there was a bleed and Glen began to seize. Zsa Zsa managed to remove a significant portion of the tumour but Glen was left in a coma. In June, Zsa Zsa bid Dylan farewell and returned to the United States. (CAS: Episode 1061)

In October, David Hide called Zsa Zsa to help Dylan after his breakup with Ciara Cassidy and the loss of their child. Upon arriving in Holby, she took David and Jeffers to Dylan's houseboat and broke in. She soon received a call from Brian Carroll, Dylan's father, who told her that his son needed all the help he could get and gave her their location. They soon arrived at a pub, but they soon realised that they were at the wrong one. David soon noticed a British passport falling out of Jeffers' pocket, and he admonished Zsa Zsa for trying to take Dylan away with her to the US. They soon found Dylan trying to treat Brian after he hit his head on a table, and he begged her to save his father. She reluctantly agreed and drilled a makeshift burr hole to evacuate a clot. After much persuasion from Zsa Zsa, Dylan successfully removed the clot. Once they arrived at the ED, Connie demanded to see Zsa Zsa and Dylan in her office, and she admonished her for her recklessness. Outside, Dylan declined her offer of accompanying her to the US, and thanked her for saving Brian. They shared a farewell hug, and David escorted her and Jeffers to the airport. (CAS: Episode 1101)

Behind the scenes

Sharon Gless made her first appearance as Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson in November 2017. Her casting was announced in July 2017. In June 2018, it was announced that Gless would reprise her role as Zsa Zsa in late 2018. Her second episode aired on 13 October 2018. In February 2020, Casualty announced Gless would reprise her role as Zsa Zsa after much speculation. Her third episode aired on 22 February 2020.


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